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Shirley Duncan
2270 Park Hill Avenue
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Swing Dance Heritage Club

Ramon Huggins-CEO & Founder

~AKA~ “The Master”

      Ramon aka “Sweet P” to his family and close friends, is a person who truly believes “one can do anything if one asserts himself and is dedicated to ones cause.”  He is a family man…married to Frances and the father of twin daughters …Tiffany and Tori.  He has a son-in-law, Von (Tori’s husband).  He is now the proud grandfather of 2 yr old twin girls (Known to those around him as “His Babies”), Madison Victoria and Mackenzie Vonet.

Ramon loves Marital Arts.  He holds a 2nd degree black belt in 3 styles of marital arts and a brown belt in Judo.  His favorite is Kung Fu.  You can find him during his spare time in his yard pounding away on the bag.  He has taught for over 30 years and has entered and won many tournaments. Another fun past time of his is to Roller Skate.  And there again, he is a master.  Ramon is a member of a skate organization called Original Rollers.  They travel to different areas roller-skating. He combines skating and dancing on the floor.

 His joy is working with underprivileged children.  He loves to hunt, but not in the conventional way…he hunts with an original bow, the traditional style—a long bow.  Best sport in the world according to him.  He is a true boy scout to the end.


Ramon’s most favorite past time in the world is his music.  He loves to sing.  Given a choice in life to do anything, Ramon would undoubtedly choose singing.  Gospel music is undoubtedly his favorite with Jazz being a close second.  He has studied voice for many years and now teaches voice to others, especially in his church.  He is very proud of the fact that his twins are beautiful songbirds.  Guess what, he is waiting to start with his babies (The granddaughters), he is a true believer that they will surpass all of his dreams, in music, in dance and in life!!

Ramon is an avid dancer.  The Swing Dance Heritage Club was a mere dream of his. Another dream of his was to meet his hero, Mr. Frankie Manning.  When that came about 3 yrs ago, he was left with another dream…to continue Frankie’s legacy.  And now the dream continues…

Frankie penned Ramon as “The Master”.  It was ironic that his DJ handle chosen many years before meeting Frankie was The Swing Master.  Frankie said that Ramon could & probably would master any dance move or dance style simply by looking at it. 

His latest accomplishments would include the creation of three (3) brand new dances…One symbolic of his feelings and admiration for Mr. Frankie Manning.  It is called “Frankie’s Charaza”.  “Charaza” is a Swahili word meaning dance…so it would translate into Frankie’s Dance.  The second dance is called “The Carolina Ballroom”.  The Carolina’s are known for swinging and shagging.  Ramon thought it was time for the Carolina’s to express their elegant style of dances…ergo “The Carolina Ballroom”.  Each of these dances was launched in May 2007.   The third dance style is a line dance created by Ramon and others in the class/club.  It is called the “BS Ride” and was specifically created for our sister organization, the historic Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club (the NC Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club preserves the rich history of the Buffalo Soldiers who fought so diligently).


Of course Ramon is the CEO…so it stands to reason he is a Heritage member.  He is also a member of the Swing Jammers and the Special Projects.  He is partnered with Cora for these events and he is also in the process of training others to partner with him in the special projects. 


He has often said that his job as an instructor is to not allow people to use fear of the unknown as a crutch.  So, don’t ever tell him you can’t do something…he is out to prove you wrong…Ramon says, “You can do anything you put your mind to do.  Your brain has already done it, if you stop thinking about it and let your brain guide you, you will find that you are already there…doing just what you said you couldn’t do. “